Self-awareness and personal growth are a big part of counselling and it has increasingly become part of other fields such as social work training, management and education.

Learning to reflect is considered a corner stone in the journey towards self-awareness and personal development. It is crucial to reflect all the time on matters such as the impact of our past on our present and any repeated patterns of reactions and responses in our behaviour.

I trained as a Humanistic Integrative counsellor. My starting point is to usually believe that people are “OK” and that we all have the ability to solve our own problems. However, sometimes when we are going through some difficult life stressors such as changing jobs, moving house or losing a loved one, our normal level of resilience might not be enough to get us through whatever problems we could be facing. It might then become necessary for us to reach out and ask for help. A confidential, safe and professional holding space might be just what we need to help us get through our difficult times.

What is Integrative Counselling?

Integrative counselling relies on different psychotherapy models which emphasise different dimensions of the human experience. This makes it adaptable to each client in all situations. Integrative counselling focuses on you as a whole person. It takes a more holistic approach to counselling by taking into account your mental, emotional and physical well being.

You might ask: ‘How is it possible to combine different and sometimes what appear to be opposing schools of thought?
I trained and learnt to combine my knowledge base to best use different techniques together to fit each client’s needs.
I believe that humans are complex beings and that what works for one client might not work for another. In addition, no one model is perfect. Therefore, I believe that integrating models is the best way to maximise the benefit that clients gain from their counselling experience.


Meriem is a very caring person. She takes her work very serious. I worked with her previously and she offered good support to all her clients who suffered domestic abuse. She is a very good listener and therefore she offers great emotional support. She will offer you the right support that is adequate to your needs and she will follow your progress step by step. She will never jude you because she believes in you and knows it is never your fault. She is a good shoulder to cry on. Keep up the good work Meriem.
Mouna El Ogbani

An absolutely outstanding therapist, highly professional and compassionate. Meriem is a therapist who is highly skillful and has the ability to listen to you, undestand and respect you, and help you change how you feel and make lasting positive changes. Meriem has the knowledge and skills to help clients open up and talk about the reasons for their distress and uncover their inner strength to help them overcome hurdles in their lives.
I would definitely recommend Meriem, she is a wonderful therapist and I am very glad to know that she is there to offer her services.

Mohamed Baleela

Thank you so much Meriem. Your support has made a great difference to my life. I will definitely recommend your services to others.

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